Submitted by: Roby Herskowicz: Grandfather Ludwig Herskowicz HYD ran the family timber business and carpentry, nearby Irsava railway station.

In one hall Rabbi Joel Teitelbaum, the future Satmar Rebbe established his Chaider (Hebrew school) for both girls and boys.

On Friday evenings this is also were the Satmerer held his traditional Tish for his followers.

The newly created Czechoslovak state leased another hall to open Elementary School n°1.

During the Hungarian fascist occupation the premises had to be handed over to a gentile owner.

Iršava Jews were rounded up by the Hungarian gendarmerie on Pesach 1944. All properties were confiscated and looted.

After several weeks at Munkacs ghetto all Jews were shipped to Birkenau where most met there terrible fate on Shavuot eve 1944.

Only two sisters Cily ZZL and Lily ZL as well as my father Herman YLHA survived.

Gagarina U., 36

During a sneak peek visit in present day Ukrainian Irsava, it appeared that the premises serve now the local newspaper NEW TIMES or Irsava Times. One building houses the editorial staff. The other one is where the newspaper is printed.
It seems that during the Soviet occupation some tax authorities operated from the premises.